What lies ahead?

Hello friends!

So, the pandemic is over. Lock-downs in different parts of the world has been removed. There are no more positive cases being confirmed in any continent. Life is back to what it always was.

Been waiting to hear this? Well, we all are. But the truth is that, life may not be the same again once this all gets over. No matter how we live and no matter where we live, people will not be the same again. Schools, theaters, offices, stadiums, shopping centers, nothing will remain unchanged. Every heart will fear more, every mind will judge and everybody will want to remember just one thing. Distance. The increased need to practice social distancing to curb this epidemic will eventually get deep-rooted in every being, so much so, that we will be wary of meeting new people, going to new places or socializing at any level at all. Imagine going to a tiny crowded cafe with tons of people from different parts of the town, moving around, talking, and maybe coughing or sneezing? Or just shaking hands with a new colleague at work? Or even sitting in the movie theater with somebody coughing away right beside you? Yes, this does not sound too appealing.

The way of life will change dramatically and so will the manner in which industries, schools, colleges and offices, etc function. Be it large-scale or small-scale, every entity will want to revamp and reboot the way it runs. Social media will become even more monumental in our daily life than it already is. People will prefer partying less and video-calling more. A lot less will happen over coffee as social networking increases. The tourism industry will take a hit. Traveling may most likely lose its appeal. Life will be different…

However, on a brighter side of this entire narrative is the fact that while the future does hold a lot of uncertainties and fear, it also gives us a lot of hope. The healthcare industry throughout the world will hopefully get more importance and more funds. The digitalization of various sectors might become an actual possibility. In addition, people will start taking self-hygiene a lot more seriously. The significance of lending a helping hand to the under-privileged will become more profound. Children will further cherish their elders and people will feel lucky to just be able to spend time with their loved ones. Life will change but it will be lived.

Nothing more appropriate than this quote by Vivian Greene, “Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass, it’s about learning to dance in the rain.” Amidst the fear, through the chaos, but life won’t stop.

6 thoughts on “What lies ahead?”

  1. Yes, the world will change as a consequence of the pandemic. Some to the worse, but I also think in the end a lot positiveness will come out of it. Some of which you mentioned. I also think, more compassion for fellow human beings, more care for mother nature and less pollution, more sharing, less unnecessary consumption, less globalization and more dependency on local production whether manufactured goods or food.

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    1. Absolutely. I am sure there is not a single soul who isn’t praying for this to end soon and without more damage than it has already caused. While this could have been managed in a better manner, like any other epidemic, it was unprecedented and people were lost… Like you said, I hope we learn from our mistakes and something like this never gets repeated again… Meanwhile, let us just stay strong and this too shall pass. We shall indeed overcome this.

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  2. Maybe it’s a good thing that we will not be returning to the old “normal”. I have been reading a lot of stories about kindness during the pandemic. Maybe we needed to change.


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